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In the scope of the MyPathSem project the Institute of Bioinformatics of the UMG developed the JavaScript based ontology
viewer OntoScope. The special feature of OntoScope is a different browsing experience for the user and the use of the OBA
ontology service as backend[1]. The ontology is treated as a graph which the user can explore along specific relationships. 

That is in particular useful for large ontologies with a lot of relationship types and high number of connections
for the nodes. The usage of the OBA service facilitates the use of ontology specific semantic functions, e.g. for coloring
the nodes according to properties derived from the ontology.

OntoScope can be extended by ontology specific modules, also from 3rd party, but can also be used as ontology viewer in any
project. Below is a demonstration for the Cytomer ontology about the human anatomy and development.
You can start by searching for any anatomical structure like “liver”.

[1] Dönitz, J. and Wingender, E.:
"The ontology-based answers (OBA) service: A connector for embedded usage of ontologies in applications"
Front. Gene. 3, 197 (2012).

Alternativ: Open Ontoscope in a new window