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Workpackage 1


PI: Tim Beißbarth

The Coordination work package is responsible for central project coordination and management throughout the research project.

Regular meetings of all project partners are organied and minutes are distributed. There are monthly meetings of all project partners, in addition subgroub meetings are held in which technical details are clarified. The cooperation of the project partners, in particular Sax & Beißbarth, led to the participation in a review article (Apweiler et al, 2018; see Publications).

For the development and the production environment two servers with virtual machines are used. The server for the development is located in the network of the university and is accessible from there. This server does not hold any personal patient data, development is done based on public available data sets or anymized data. A copy of this server will be located in the protected clinical network where the tools have access to patient data and can be used by the clinicians. The service is partitioned in a virtual machine for each working group, a shared virtual machineto connect the modules of the groups and a storage area for large and shared data. The developed software is packed in Docker container to achieve a modular design and an easy depolyment to the production server. The release of the production version is planned in year 5.

The goals as well as the progress of the consortium to the general public are displayed on the web-site.